wisdom from a 5 year old…

I have an extremely long, detailed memory. This annoys and intrigues people because I have been described as never forgetting a damn thing! LOL! It’s true. I am a woman who is highly in tune with my emotions and when an event is attached to an emotion it will forever stay with me. Some are good memories and some are not, but either way I can reflect back on them and see how various events have played out in my life due to these events.

Things I remember saying at 5 that are still relevent to me today:

1. 5 year old me: Tell me you love me!

Parent: “I love you!”

5 year old me: Well, it doesn’t count now because you only said it because I asked you to! You’re only saying it because I told you to!

Why it’s still relevent to me: Be authentic with your feelings. Nothing means as much as an “I love you” for no specific reason. I still feel that (personally) it is more important to be told and shown affection than to assume that one loves you. Love is a feeling afterall. I want to be told and shown with hugs and kisses.

2. 5 year old me: Why do I have to eat everything off my plate? I’m not hungry.

Why it’s still relevent to me:  The best way to stay healthy is to eat when you’re hungry. Listen to the needs of your body. 9 out of 10 times when I go for a snack I am usually just really thirsty!

3. 5 year old me:Why do I have to wear a dress when all the boys get to wear pants and run around on the playground? Why can’t I play Barbies AND GI Joe?

Why it’s still relevent to me: I may appear to be a fragile, delicate flower but I know how to play sports and I know how to throw a punch. Just don’t let me get all dressed up and then take me someplace that requires hiking or climbing. Tell me what shoes to wear and I will get the general idea of what to expect upon arriving at our destination! lol

 4. 5 year old me: Smile!

Why it’s still relevent to me: Don’t even get me started! I have written a mini book on the subject! Smile because it will in some weird way make you feel better. No, it won’t make your problems go away, but why not smile through it? Why do we always put ourselves down? What’s the benefit in that? ( I have an entire post that will be dedicated to this)

5.5 year old me: Boys stink!

Why it’s still relevent to me: Ummm, boys turn into men and they stink. Not just physically, but also emotionally because they are not women. We can’t expect them to be as emotionally understanding as us women. They are entirely different creatures and I am still trying to figure them out. The simplest explanation for a man (a  normal man) is that they usually say what they’re thinking. They are not as emotionally complex as we women are and that is what makes it so challenging yet also fun.

Remember when playing with boys and girls was just about having fun? Then we hit puberty and it’s all about if that boy likes you or thinks you’re pretty. Men are people. People are all different. Some we will get along with and have life-long friendships with and some people will simply walk through our lives. If we start thinking of the opposite sex as simply people, maybe we would be more willing to accept relationships that don’t work out and see that it isn’t a reflection of us but that it is more about that “person” not being a lasting figure in our lives.

6. 5 year old me : I like ice cream! I like cookies! I like it because I like it!

Why it’s still relevent to me: I am who I am who I am. I like what I like. Somewhere along the road from being 5 to being 20 I forgot this and would apologize for being or liking something outside the stereotypical “norm”. Now, being in my last year of my 20’s, I refuse to apologize for liking certain things or for having opposite views than other people in my peer group or family. I can’t help liking something that I am drawn to, it would be like describing why your favorite ice cream is chocolate. I don’t know, I just like it! There comes a time in all of our lives where we give up hiding ourselves from the world and let ourselves shine in the sunshine!


4 thoughts on “wisdom from a 5 year old…

  1. Profound reflections in all your posts. As to this section, one thing was so funny at the moment of reading that I decided to write a joke (I’ve put it on my blog as well).

    Boys stink,
    Girls smell.
    Stink and Smell
    Make perfect Perfume.
    : )

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