2011- Can I get a “restart” please?

Can I get a restart? Why? Let’s see, I am nearly three weeks into the new year and I am having a coughing attack due to a cold I can’t shake that I got from taking care of my infant. Wow! That was a mouthful!

I had a pretty good idea as to how I was going to start this year, I was going to return home after eating like a ravenous lion at my parent’s house and still be 118 pounds. Yet, upon returning home, I was struck by this weird thing I’ve heard of, but seldom have felt myself, called laziness. I did push myself to the gym upon my return from my parent’s house on January 4th because I had a doctor’s appointment that morning and wanted to be in tip-top shape. I got lectured for not taking my meds and promised to continue taking it for my high cholesterol (genetically high, not pertaining to my diet and exercise regime). By the end of the week back I had been to the gym 4 times but I have to admit I wasn’t working out to my full potential. Saturday came and so did a fever in my infant. Saturday, Sunday, and the entire following week were spent holding my infant because without the comfort of my arms, tears flooded his face. My gym was cut down from my usual 1-1/2 hours 5 days a week to 3 days for 45 minutes since I couldn’t take him with me to the gym and had to go after my husband went and before my husband left for work in the mornings. Lovely, I know. Thursday came and I felt the dreaded post nasal drip that can only lead to a cold. It was the day before the day i would get sick and I drank half a gallon of orange juice, gallon of water and went to bed early hoping to trick my body into passing on this cold.

I got my son’s cold. I still have a cold. I didn’t go to the gym Thursday-Monday and today, Tuesday, I went back only to cough myself into a furious state that I’m sure I left those surrounding my treadmill to fear that they too would come down with my deadly cold. I am not contagious at this point but I am not 100%. So here I am, nearly 3 weeks into 2011 and I haven’t been able to physically meet my fitness goals for the year.

I am not one to cry a river for myself, so feel free to do so for me. Just kidding… I can breathe now. I am not contagious. I will see you later gym. ;-P  Blahh!


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