10 Things I didn’t know before I had a baby…

1. That I could possible love someone so much that I would, without question, give up my own life for them. He is the only person who can bring me to tears of joy at any given moment if i dare think how much I love him.

2. That for every low moment there will be the most incredibility, heartbreaking tender moments that are indescribable. No matter how long, hard and/or frustrating a day I’ve had with my baby, I only have to look at him while he sleeps to have all the negative feelings melt away.

3. That I would enjoy staying at home to raise my child. I take pride in my baby’s achievement because I know that I was a part of them. When he says a new word, or can point out various body parts, or when he gives hugs and kisses that melt people’s hearts; I know that I have helped lead him to those actions.

4. I never knew that I would be so happy. No one is responsible for making me happy but many have contributing to my overall happiness. First was my husband and second was my baby. Just knowing that there is a living, breathing human that my husband and I have created together makes me happy. It is a miracle to live. I know that now.

5. That I am not scared of death. I am only scared of those left behind and how they will carry on one day without me. I have planted my seed and it will flourish continually as long as my baby one day has a baby.

6. That I could “forget” to eat or that I was really thirsty. I get caught up taking care of my baby sometimes I forget the simple things to do for myself. I never forget to put on makeup though. Funny…

7. God has a sense of humor.

8. That life isn’t over when we have kids. It is the opposite. With the birth of our son came the rebirth of ourselves and the beginning of our new life.

9. That I must always put my family first – just the three of us. I am still learning how to juggle this since my extended family can be a bit demanding of my time. I never knew how difficult it would be to make simple plans and how complicated other people would make the simplest of plans.

10. Mom guilt. If you have a child then you know exactly what I mean by mom guilt. It never goes away. It’s a constant feeling. Am I doing this right? Could I have done more? It does, however, push me to always do better the next time.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I didn’t know before I had a baby…

  1. I can not quite remember a time when I was not a mother. I based many of my techniques on what I thought my parents did right and on I thought I had missed. My kids and I grew up together by trial and error. Live and learn. 😉

  2. You did a good job working with what you had. I think the craziest part is knowing that I will never be alonefor about 18 years but then realizing that I will because he will leave me one day. It’s inevitable. The thought of preparing him for life and him actually living his own life one day is exciting and terrifying.
    The thought that one day I won’t be there to see his entire day play out, like when he is in school or even preschool makes me sad. I thought that whining baby in public should be taken care of by their parents better, but now that it’s me I know that I am always doing all that I can as other parents are doing.
    I have learned to be more compassionate. I talk to people in the grocery store check out line, I talk to other moms at the park, I talk to everyone and to my suprise people love talking. I feel more myself even though I do less for myself. It is an never ending balancing act that I love and wouldn’t change for anyone’s life.

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