Things i know for sure

Things I know for sure:

1. It’s not where you are, but who you’re with that matters. Home is where your family is.

2. Talk is cheap. It’s the “doing” that’s the hard part.

3. What you think is how you feel.

4. All that really matters in the end is how you’re remembered.

5. No one can foresee the future so you must always have faith that things will turn out as they were meant to.

6. Life has many chapters, make each one have a lesson learned, an adventure and filled with lots of love.( even if it’s only from yourself)

7. Laughter is contagious as are smiles- and they’re free =)

8. It does take (normal) people 9 months or more to lose their baby weight from pregnancy.

9. We are our own worst enemies.

10. Take a moment to thank God each day for the blessings he has given you and stop blaming Him for your downfalls. Be thankful for what you got because it is all a privilege.

11. Don’t rely on others to make you happy, find your happiness from within.

12. Who you’re with in a relationship is an insight as to how you feel about yourself.

13. Debt and weight are easy to gain and hard to lose.

14. Marry someone you enjoy talking to because one day your looks will fade and you’ll want to have someone you like to talk to around.

15. Never stop learning.

16. Being “open-minded” is more about listening to other people’s ideas and being open to their opinions theories and insights. It’s less about trying new things. Some of the most “open-minded’ people I know are always trying to force their opinions and theories onto other people.

17. Being “cool” comes from within. It’s not about being different. It’s about being who you are regardless what other people think. Some ideas can be abstract and some can be mainstream there in lies the beauty of being cool. It is undefinable.

18. Anything is possible. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise.

19. The only limits in life are those placed by yourself.

20. Nothing to fear in life but fear itself.


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