Some nonsense-People that annoy me…

Types of people that annoy me:

1.Loud people- They are loud at the movies. Loud on their cell phones. ( No I did not need to know that about you, thanks for sharing with me at the rest of the people in checkout lane 9). Loud at the gym. Loud at restaurants. Loud. Please use your inside voice and stop yelling because I can hear you just fine!

2. Weird Pet People-People who use strollers for their dogs. Unless no wait, that’s just weird.

3. Blood Orange people. Stop overtanning! You look silly and make other people uncomfortable. They usually also wear too much makeup.

4. Bad Drivers- There are so many bad drivers in the world. What’s worse is that they are not just annoying, they can be very dangerous, too. Remember that driving is not a right; it is a privilege. That’s why whenever you break road rules, you get a ticket. Even worse, is they rarely admit to being a bad driver. Instead they blame other drivers for all of their accidents.

5. Bad Listeners– When people pretend to be listening to me and really they are only hearing what I am saying, not listening to the words.

6. 15 minutes of fame that lasts longer. AKA Jersey Shore, The Kardashians, Kendra, Paris Hilton, basically anyone on the E! network or an MTV reality show. There’s a reason it’s called 15 minuets. I wish the public would stop treating them like icons.

7. Bluetooth People– People who are on their bluetooth in public. I don’t know if they’re talking to me, themselves or have turrets.

8. Know it alls- I get that some people are just knowledgeable and are bound to know something wherever you lead the conversation to. What is annoying is when these people start to act like they know everything — as in EVERYTHING.

9. Conformist poser: like anything their friends like. For example, they would go telling people that they like a certain band that all their friends love even though they don’t even know any of their records. In the process, they would try to love that band just because other people adore them. Or they would love anything that is popular. If everyone likes a certain movie, they would like it, too. They do this just so they could look cool and that they belong. If you are under 25 years old than that’s ok, you’re probably still finding yourself.

10. Nonconformist posers would do just about anything just to look different. They would set up a facade that they do not like certain people or things to steer away from being a conformist even when deep inside they have always been in love with Brad Pitt or has been watching Glee all this time. They would buy things that could make them establish an I’m-so-not-like-everyone image.

11. Snobs: The type of person who deems themselves of higher status than others because of their fashion sense, wealth, or intelligence. These types are just mean people who are out of touch with the world. But without them, there would not be a need for wisdom. =)


4 thoughts on “Some nonsense-People that annoy me…

    • What about the other 19 annoying people. I am not loud but I do annoy myself when I am watching a particularly confusing movie and feel lost and have to ask questions. It’s a curse. I mean the loud ass people who yell at the movie screen and yell on their phones. Loud people.

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