Emotional Insurance

Here’s my theory: we have insurance on our apartments, our homes, our cars and even our lives, yet we don’t have any back up plans for when we are feeling really down. Emotional insurance seems to be the one things we are all lacking.

I am not talking about  the few times in life where an emotional tragedy hits and we don’t know what to do next. I am talking about the everyday obstacles that we sometimes face in our lives that leave us frustrated, angry, sad and detached from the world. For these instances, we need to have a formulated plan set up that will help us get out of our funk. I know people with full coverage on their cars but are careless with their emotional health.

What emotional insurance is:

We all know that despite out efforts, we are going to have a bad day every now and then. We all know that these bad days sometimes start from the second we get out of bed and realize our alarms didn’t go off, so now we are 30 minutes late; or maybe the bad day sneaks up on us out of a seemingly uneventful day. Now this being said, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have insurance for your emotional well-being?

How it works is very similar to your auto insurance. You would have to first write out your own emotional insurance policy by imagining a few things that always make you happy and relaxed. However big, small or superficial they may seem to other people, write them down. Now out of those things make Plan A your favorite go-to plan for feeling better. Plan B would be in the event that either plan A doesn’t help you or is somehow unattainable  at the moment, Plans C & D and how many other ones you come up with will be your back up plans.

You also need to have a list of go-to happy moments from your life. These moments can be drawn up when you are feeling yourself  getting into a bad mood. Use this list when you can’t seem to find your smile.

Example:  An instant way to make me realize how great life is, is the day I found out I was growing life within my belly.

Or I think of my late grandmother’s white rice and how we would tease her that it was so dry and so overcooked that we could eat it with a fork and knife. Which we would do just to tick her of. (part of me believes she continued to make the rice that way just to see us laugh).

Or I amile when I think about the day I graduated from college and the pride I felt in myself.

Or how I felt when I finished my first full marathon.

I’m sure we all have some moments. Think back to simpler times when you were a child and your mom let you have a treat before dinner or when you got a good grade in school. The simpler the better. All it takes is one smile to crack the feeling of a bad mood. These are not cures, but they sure help make life easier.

Have a plan for those bad days. Have a plan because without a plan you may be left feeling more anxious, sad, depressed, lonely etc.

Try it out. It may seem silly at first when you start writing out your plan, but don’t you think it’s sillier to NOT have a plan and be miserable? Most of the reasons we get upset and frustrated are silly when we look back at them. Why not have a good plan to get ourselves out of a funk or liven up our moods?

Laughter is the best medicine. We are still sick in my house and the other night me and my husband laughed so hard we both had a coughing fit! It was well worth it and even though I still have my cough, I can look back on that night and smile. =)


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