Mom Guilt

If you have a kid, then you know exactly what I’m referring to. Mom guilt. It starts the day you find out you’re pregnant, because from that day forward you are constantly worried about doing the right thing for your baby.
It gets even worse once your baby is born. The second my child was born it sank in that I was responsible for another life. His life, as in whether or not he lived a healthy life. Talk about pressure. Lol. Well, not really funny. Less than 24 hours into my child’s life out of the womb, I was schooled on not knowing how to properly change a diaper and that I had too many blankets on him at one point and at another that he was too cold. Mom guilt.
His first year of life, I felt mom guilt when he got his first cold, cried for hunger and I had missed the cues and when he fell and hurt himself.
Mom guilt makes me work harder the next day or the next time a similar situation arises, but overall is a constant struggle I face.
Today’s struggle was taking my son to the pediatrician and finding out that he had the flu. Having the flu isn’t the worst part, the worst part was knowing that just two months prior me and my husband had opted out on giving him the flu vaccine. At the time we figured he had just had his 18 month immunization shots and one more shot that was not mandatory seemed unnecessary to us. We also were both raised without ever having had the flu shot.
I know there will be a plethora of events that will arise with our son where we will weigh options and hope the one we choose turns out to be the “right” one, so I will stay strong and hope for the best because mom guilt is a witch. ( well worse that a witch, but you know what I mean)
I could name 1,000 more cases of mom guilt but you catch my drift.
I know a few things for sure:
If I always give 100% and do what I believe is best for ny child at the time then I will be satisfied with myself.
I love my child and would never purposely harm him.
All bad feelings, even those of guilt will pass and sometimes a little guilt is good to keep me on my toes and better prepared for the next time a similar situations occurs.

*I just asked my husband if there’s such a thing as dad guilt and he said “I’m pretty sure there is”. Exactly what I was thinking, he has yet to feel the pangs of guilt. I debt mind taking the weight of guilt on ny shoulders for the both of us. I guess or of us has to be the optimist when the other (me) is breaking out.


One thought on “Mom Guilt

  1. Being a dad I too feel guilt just in a different way. I feelresponsible to take care of you all financially and be strong. You take care of us in ways I never could. With so much love.

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