How I got back in shape after baby(Part 2 of 3)

Part 2:

My famous last words, “I can do it. I will do it. You have no idea what I am capable of.” (As told the trainer upon hearing him tell me I would be like the other hundreds of women he had come across that didn’t lose their baby weight).

I had said it out loud, now there was no turning back. I am a fighter, it’s in my blood. I do not ever give up on my goals without a fight. This was mind over matter. The matter being my big butt and belly. I reassessed my workout routine and eating habits and again proceeded to write down everything I ate in a typical week and then analyzed it. I also kicked up my jogs to runs and added in some light weights. With the holidays approaching, I felt more pressure to get my eating habits and exercise regimen under control. My goal for the new year was to be in my size 6 jeans.

October 2009-December 2009 I ran at the gym 3-5 miles per day for 4-5 days a week. I got down to 135 by the new year.

2010:My son’s 1st birthday was quickly approaching and I began to feel pangs of desperation to lose my last 20 pounds. I, of course, hit a major plateau. I would cry to my husband about never getting to my goal. I whined and complained for weeks on end and stopped seeing results in my body. I started to come to the realization that no women, other than supermodels, and those blessed with perfect genes, could ever get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. I was so upset, I preached this to anyone who would listen and most would agree with me that a woman’s pre-pregnancy body was unattainable. I was beginning to accept that I was going to be a few sizes larger than before having my son. A size 4 was below to average of the typical American woman. No one would blame me for not getting back to my size 0/2 pants.On one particularly loud whine fest, I actually heard myself. I listened to how annoying my whining sounded. I realized it wasn’t about size, it was about a goal that I had set for myself. A goal that I had set so high that even I was beginning to doubt myself. I realized it wasn’t about “them” it was about me and my goal. I then turned to my husband, who of course was at a loss of encouraging words, and said, ” I’m so over it.” He said, “What? Working out? Don’t quit.” I said to him, ” I am so over myself. Enough wallowing in the sea of my self-pity and time to just do it!” I vowed to stop talking negatively about myself, my body and to just do it! I stopped obsessing about what I was eating and just ate when I as hungry. I worked out when I said I would and took days off. I stopped having every conversation be about my body and my weight. I ate anything I wanted but in smaller portions. I would even set a 5 minutes timer when craving a snack after just having eaten to give myself time to think about if I really wanted to eat that snack or if I was perhaps just bored or thirsty.

By March 2010, two months before my son’s 1st birthday I was 125 pounds. I had roughly 7-10 pounds to go to attain my goal. I kicked it into high gear. A pound is 3,500 calories. Wow, that sounds like a lot right? Not if you look at it this way,

1. If you are eating 2,000 calories per day, shave off 250 a day and in 7 days that would equal 1,750 calories 1/2 a pound by not doing any extra exercise. 250 calories less a day means roughly 50 fewer calories per meal and snack. Easy huh?

2. The other 1,750 calories can be burned off at the gym and also through cardio because with cardio, when you are done with your activity, you can continually burn off more calories. You are also raising your metabolism by working out and eating snacks helps too. If you only worked out 5 days a week, then you would only need to burn 350 calories per day to lose the other half of that pound.

3. It is simple mathematics. What you put in (food), you must equal in exercise. Find out what your resting metabolic rate is, this is the rate at which your body burns calories without doing anything at all. That’s a good place to start to see how many calories you should be eating based on your height and weight. It’s science not magic to lose weight.

4. Most of us drink too many calories and forget to factor those in when adding up calories.

5. Most of us think we consume a LOT less calories than we really do; the only way to know for sure is to write it all down! You will be amazed!

Things to remember:

1. You WILL hit a plateau, this is inevitable, so plan for it.

2. Do not judge your “new” body against your old body right away, it is going to take time.

3. Be patient. If your original (or 2nd and 3rd) plan isn’t working, then create a new plan. This is a science not magic to losing weight.

4. If you go for a gimmick, you will have to most likely always be on that gimmick so old school diet and exercise is a gret place to start. And when I say diet , I mean look at your dietary intake and reduce.

5. Have fun and don’t obsess. Those around you are going to get tired and annoyed of you whining. (I know from experience)

6. Reward yourself with non-food items, like clothing in a smaller size. =)

Part 3: How I shed my last 5-7 pounds and how I’ve kept them off…


One thought on “How I got back in shape after baby(Part 2 of 3)

  1. You are beautiful no matter your size, but I know you were determined to lose all the weight you gained. You always looked great to me.

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