2011 “Do over”!!!

2011 didn’t start off the way I had planned in my head. There was no aggressive push at the gym due to a bad cold that lasted all of January ending with the flu. I was sitting thinking how horrible 2011 had been for me and my family, when it occurred to me that it was just a marked date on the calendar. There were no rules on that exact date having to be the beginning of a resolution. It didn’t indicate the strength of my upcoming year. I decided me and my family would take 2011 over again. A restart, like when we were in elementary school and were playing a game but things didn’t start out quite right so someone yelled “do over!”. That’s what I did. I called a “do over” and decided to restart 2011 on February 1st.
It worked out pretty well because Monday morning I woke with a renewed optimism that I hadn’t felt the entire January. I ran 5 miles, lifted weights and cooked my family a nice meal (since we’ve all been on a soup diet due to our sickness).
My conclusion, when things aren’t going as planned, or if they’re getting out of control, take a step back and start over. It means admitting that things didn’t go as planned but that you’re willing to take another shot at it with a renewed sense of purpose. If your week isn’t going well, call a redo. It doesn’t matter the issue, you always have the power to shift your perspective, attitude and direction.
With that I wish everyone a Happy New New Year!! ( yes, I meant to write new twice). 🙂


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