A Few of My Personal Heroes

My personal heroes have changed throughout the years but a few will always be my heroes. When I was a kid, I looked up to my big brother. I remember when my parents were still married, we had bedrooms that were right next to each other. Late at night, when my parents had sent us off to bed, he would wake me and ask if I wanted to sneak into the hall with him so we could watch tv without our parents seeing. No matter how tired I would be, I would crawl out of my bed and follow after him. I never told him, but it always meant the world to me that he wanted to include me in his little adventures. We would lie on our bellies in the hall and catch glimpses of the tv.  When my parents were done watching, or when they got up from the couch, my brother always would make sure I got into my room unnoticed. We had a lot of mini adventures like that growing up. I have found, now that I am older, that those are the moments that bonding occurs. Those are the moments that I reflect on when I am missing my brother who now lives across the country. He is still one of my personal heroes because he is not one of those people who just talks about doing some amazing adventure; he is the person that plans for it and when the time is right he takes a leap of faith and goes for it.

I have also had many positive, strong female heroes in my life. My maternal grandmother is one because she literally wore the pants in the family. She was the person that coordinated family get togethers, resolved problems amongst family- she held us all together. She never passed up an opportunity to make me feel special and reminded that I was not only loved, but wanted. When she passed away I was a month away from turning 11 and it struck me harder than any other death I had experienced before. Whenever I feel I can’t do something, I think of her and how she came to this country with nothing and she worked hard to provide for her family. IShe was a strong woman.

My mother took on the torch passed on to her by my grandmother after she passed away. My mother has many characteristics and qualities I do not possess and I have always admired and looked up to her. She is graceful, with a  soft voice, she has a way about her that puts all who meet her at ease. My mom is an amazing hostess, always thinking of every last detail for her guests. She is humble and modest. When a rocky path is put before her, she takes it on with full force never stopping and asking for help. In my 29 years, I have rarely seen my mother break down and cry in a moment of distress. She feels the need to hold in her feelings for the sake of not hurting us. She has taken the weight of life’s disappointments and ugliness and tucked it away deep inside her to shield me and my siblings from hurting as well. She makes me want to be more like her: patient and kind and full of optimism. There is nothing that can be placed in front of this woman that can’t be handled logically and she always figures things out in the end.

When I was 20 years old, I married my husband. He was the person I admired most of my friends and co-workers. He always had the right answers, even if that answer was to just let go of my problems. He was the person I always would run to when I had a problem and he got me out of a few horrible situations without resorting to violence. He is a logical, kind, caring and humorous man. He is my one of my heroes because he has been through so much in his life, yet henever feels sorry for himself . He always puts me and our son first. He is full of good advice, laughter, smiles, love and kindness. It is unbelievable to be married to someone I admire. He is hands down the best person I know.


One thought on “A Few of My Personal Heroes

  1. From the strong woman before you Cristina Castellanos, Josefina v. de Medrano, Maria Antonia Lazo, Guadalupe Campillo-Deasy to you. You are the next center of the family in training. I learned from the best, Mama Fina and Mama Tona who I will forever miss.

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