Let me begin by saying that if you clicked on this post to read how to be a lucky person that at least your heart is in the right place, however, there is no such thing as luck. I know that by saying that statement you may be saying to yourself, “Well then why did you write that as the title of this post? Are you a cynic? A pessimist?” The answer is that I am neither. I just believe that “luck” is something that we hope for, something that we curse if things do not go our way. Poor “luck” has the weight of the world’s worries upon its shoulders (so to speak).  There are some steps to achieving your own luck and it starts with giving up on the idea that luck is this virtue granted on only the elite few in this world, therefore making it unattainable. Yes, I believe that we can be lucky, but I do not believe that there are only certain people who are lucky all the time. I think those people are just more open to life’s possibilities therefore letting “lucky” things happen to them.

I have a simple example to explain why the “lucky” people are so lucky. It has more to do with being self-aware and your perspective on life than “luck”.

Here’s an example on perspective and what that has to do with being “lucky”:

I am said to be lucky in love. I got married when I was 20 years old to an amazing man and we have been married almost 10 years now. We have grown together and achieved more together than we ever could have imagined without one another because each of us brings out the best in the other. A person may look at me and say I am lucky. Yes, in the simple definition of the word luck, I do consider myself to be very lucky to have found the one at such a young age. I did not have to search for him because he was my good friend. I merely had to open my eyes.

Now, this being said, how many people out there walk around “looking” for the one and never find the one? Is it because they are looking for a specific type and unwilling to give a different type a chance? Are they being too picky? What it comes down to is perspective because a positive person who wants to be successful in love and isn’t would take a step back and assess their love life. By doing this they may possibility realize that they have been dating the same type of guy and having the same results. They also could look at all the things they were able to do in their lives including personal growth because they are not attached or because they learned something from a relationship that they were in. A negative person will simply dismiss their lack of an ideal mate as bad luck and continue their pattern and possibly miss their chance at love because they were too busy looking for the “right” person that they didn’t see the perfect person that was right in front of them.

I like the word “luck” because it is an immature version of the words “destiny and fate” which I believe in. I think that “from S&*t(crap) grows flowers”. I think that when we have goals and go after them and they do or don’t work out then we can reflect back on them and see that it was our fate. Fate and destiny are not things we lazily wait around to happen for us, they are the things that we realize after the fact. Luck seems to be something people blame their problems on and it causes jealousy when really it is about hard work. “Bad luck” is about learning from your mistakes and turning those mistakes into lessons once they are learned. If they are not learned, they will be repeated until you understand why they are happening to you.

So go out into the world and make your own luck. If you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, then you can always see a negative moment,event or person as a stepping stone to your future “luck”.


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