Arguments are rarely what they seem

In disagreements and arguements we tend to treat the other person as our opponent, competitor and sometimes enemy. The situation becomes a battle when it should be treated as an opportunity for growth. It is only through reflection that we can see what We could have done differently in our “battles” with people.

In a disagreement with a family member or friend, we should take a step back before jumping in and possibly creating an argument. The key is to take a minute to reflect on what is really going on beneath the surface.

Have you ever joked around with someone about something that they always think is funny, yet this time they get offended? You could easily write this off as them having lost their sense of humor or perhaps they’re mad at you. The truth is usually deeper, there is usually a series of small or large events that has led them to feel touchy this time around. It rarely has anything to do with what you have said, it usually has more to do with timing.

Remember that arguing and having disagreements are not unhealthy because we are all different pele with different thoughts and views and feelings. It is important how we deal with these situations for the health of our relationships with people in our lives.


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