On this Valentine’s Day, this day of love, I find myself reflecting on the very meaning of the word. What does love mean? How can I possibly define love in such a way that it would be universally satisfying? I can not because love is a feeling. People search for love not realizing it can’t be found because it is the one thing in this life that finds you.

I don’t expect this one day of the 365 days of this year to be the ultimate love experience that should hold all of my loved one’s feelings packed into one  day. I do, however, think it is a great day to reflect on those we love and let them know. Even a cynic could’t argue that the world could use a little bit more love and a little less hate. Ok, a true cynic would argue anything.

For me, love has been a feeling I can never describe with a single definition because I feel so many different forms and levels of love for different things that I am constantly adding to my definition.
If my heart was a puzzle, several pieces would go to my loved ones, my hobbies, my passions leaving larger pieces that belong to my husband and my infant son.

My husband is my love. He is love. I fell in love with him the second I laid eyes on him and fall in love deeper and deeper with him as the days and years pass us by. I can say this, I love him with my entire being. Before him, I always felt an absence of a piece to the puzzle of my heart. When I met him I felt whole. I love him because he is not perfect and because he knows that I am not perfect either. He has seen me and my very best and my very worst,yet loves me more because he knows he is the only  person in this world that has seen all my sides. Together we have a secret language that no one but us can speak, relate to or understand. Our love comes from a place of mutual respect, trust, admiration, acceptance and above all friendship.

Apart we are good but together we are amazing.
Together we created our son who is perfect despite his imperfections. I could not begin to describe the love I have for my son. It is a different type of love because it started before he even existed, it started when he only existed in my heart. Everyday, I am in awe of his very existence, his traits that remind me of his daddy and his uncanny ability to make me smile just by being him. I look at my son, my husband and see love.
Love is a feeling. Loves finds you. Love Love and it will eventually love you right back.


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