Nonsense: Annoying things non-parents say…

First off, let me say that some of these I have said once myself ( before I was enlightened). If you don’t have kids but have extensive experience with kids then I would consider you on the “parent” side. The difference between parents and the non-parents is that parents have once been in a non-parent’s shoes, therefore are able to see things from both perspectives. Feel free to add to my list with your own annoyances. =)

1. Comparing a kid to a dog. ” I have a dog (or any other pet) and it’s just like having a baby.”

2. “Why is he crying? Does he have colic? ”

3.” I don’t like kids.” (especially when they’re: A. holding your child B. You are talking about your child C. Your child is in the room)

4. If you are at a family restaurant and hear someone complain about kids and babies. You’re in a family restaurant dumbo! “Family” is in the restaurant type for a reason.

5. People who ask you to stay out late, ask you to expensive restaurants and can’t understand why you constantly are sleep deprived.

6. “I hope I don’t have to sit next to a baby on a plane.” As if the baby is a disease. Babies are small humans and deserve respect. Afterall, you were once in their shoes and they will one day be in yours.

7. “When I have kids I won’t yell my kids, let them watch tv…” Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I get it. When you’re a parent you’re going to be perfect. I think it’s better to say “I hope to be____”. Also, be careful not to offend parents by saying all the things you would not do and are things that parents happens to do with their kids. Remember: You never know who your audience is or who you might offend.

8. Pretty much any advice they heard while watching Oprah that they are relaying to me. Come on now…

9. Not realizing that your kid is your “sidekick” and will most likely be with you for any daytime activities.

10. “You look so good for having had a kid(s).” How about I just look good, thank you.

11. If you’re still going to give me unsolicited advice, than please make sure that if you don’t have kids, that you at least have some experience with children, recent experience preferably, not when you were 12 years old babysitting for your neighbor.

12. Why have kids if you aren’t going to spend any time with them? ( I don’t personally work out of the house, but this is called life and work is where parents usually get money to pay for their life expenses. Furthermore, why do we always blame working mothers? Why does daddy get off the hook? First have a child, then judge. No wait. Don’t judge because you are just showing the world your own insecurities).

14. If you’re pregnant and someone says, ” Enjoy the silence while you can.” My response was always, ” It has been silent for too long. That’s why we decided to have a baby.”

15. The most annoying thing I come across is non-parents that expect kids to be well-behaved all the time. Last I checked they were called babies and kids not adults, who by the way, are usually more annoying than the worst behaved kid out there.

Just remember that someone once had to hear similar things about you (aka your parents), so be respectful please. 🙂


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