Siblings are Born Friends

The funniest thing about siblings is that to everyone else around us, we grow up, but to our siblings we will always be known as we always were. We can get married, have our own children, but we will never truly age to them. We know each other’s histories, our likes and dislikes, embarrassing moments, each other’s hearts, private inside jokes,  family secrets and feuds, family griefs and happy moments. With siblings, we will always live outside the marks of time. 

For me, it would be impossible to consider a life without them. Sometimes I wonder who I would have been without all of them in my life because each of them as influenced and molded my character and personality on some way. Me and my siblings didn’t all grow up together because my parents divorced and remarried, but we all have bonds together. Each bond I have with each individual sibling is unique. I feel very protective over each of them and would fight for each of them verbally and physically if necessary. I am the middle child, but have always felt like the eldest, mainly because I always unconsciously take the role of the mother when their mother isn’t present. I have a need to care for them and guide each of them as best I know how.

I have a son who is almost 2 years old and can’t wait for him to be a big brother and know what it’s like to a sibling and share the bond I have with my brother and sisters. I can’t wait to have him play with a brother or sister and know what it’s like to have a love for another person that he would fight for, just like I have with my siblings. A sibling is a gift a mother gives to her other child or children. The are born friends. Maybe not best friends, maybe not close friends, but friends and regardless of distance they will always have a connection between siblings because they both share a common bond. There is nothing like having a friend who is also your sibling.

Me and my brother had some great times growing up, including screaming matches and wrestling matches, but when we grew up we became friends. I remember the moment I realized he was my friend. We were at college that were in cities close to one another, yet neither one of us had a car to visit each other. Something about the closeness of proximity, but not being able to  see each other made us closer because we starting talking on the phone regularly.It was during that time that I asked him for help with a bad situation I found myself in, it was the first time in 18 years of being his sister that I turned to him and let him help me. In turn we became friends.

My sister who is now 21, became my friend at an earlier time, but a best friend in more recent times. She was always such a strong kid that I never really noticed that she looked up to me. In 2009, my son was born and she was one of the first people to greet him into this world. Something changed in our relationship and I was not only the big sister, but also her friend.

My sister who is 15, is also my friend. She is a very wise girl, but has yet to realize her talents. She talks to me with complete honesty that it scares me at times, yet I find myself being just as honest with her about the ways of the world. It is refreshing to be able to talk to such a younger sibling with confidence and know that they understand or are at least willing to listen to my advice.

My youngest sister, who is only 13, feels like a daughter sometimes, a sister always but above all a friend. She has a quietness about her that many confuse as being shy, but I know that she is merely taking it all in and processing it. She knows when to speak up and when to keep her mouth shut and is always around when I need a helping hand. She is a born mother and is extremely smart. I am still trying to peel the many layers away at her like an onion, but I know that I can trust her and therefore she is my friend.

My step-brother who is 29 years old and only ten days younger than me, is a friend though I have not seen him for nearly 11 years. We would argue and fight growing up, but we were both sensitive kids and understood that about one another. He is a lost friend who I cannot find through any social network. He is still a friend and I hope to hear from him again one day because all my childhood summers are filled with memories with him.

My siblings have all known how to push buttons within me that no friend or enemy could ever find  and vice versa. We find ourselves playing our cast roles of “the baby, the bully, the peacemaker, the mother, the entertainer” and it doesn’t matter how may miles we are apart, how much time passes in seeing one another, we always have a comfortable bond with one another and will always be friends.


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