Life is a gift

I do not need to go into the details of all the events that have occurred this week because we have all been watching the news. 

Let’s just remember that when we leave this earth people will not always remember what we said, how we looked, or the things we did but they will remember how we made them feel. If I leave this earth tomorrow, I want to be remembered as someone who was caring and went out of their way to help my friends. I want to be remembered as kind and loving.

To my child, I do not want him to remember all the nice things I bought for him, but I want him to remember how I made him feel like the most precious gift in this world.

Life is a precious gift that is given to us and we are each given a choice of how to deal with the circumstances that are placed before us. I want my loved ones to never go a day without knowing they are loved. I know that I can never hear “I love you” enough. I love you all.

Remember that who you are today is how you will be remembered tomorrow.


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