Live your life. Be grateful.

We have no control over how we are brought into this world, that is beyond our control, nor do we have control over our exit out of this life. What we do have control of is what we do with the time we do have on this earth. Our attitudes have the greatest impact on our lives more so than the events and circumstances we are faced with. We must take time to understand that we must love all of life, not just parts of it. We must laugh and cry, read, gaze at the stars, listen to ocean with our eyes closed tight, stare into the skies, appreciate rainbows, sunny days and cloudy ones as well. We must suffer to understand the greatness of life. There would be no good without evil, no sweet without sour and no melancholy without happiness.

Think about what you say before you say it, good or bad because words do have impact on people. Feel the “I love you” you say to your loved ones. Spread love wherever you go with kindness and smiles. Spread around joy regardless of how you are feeling because there is always someone out there that is feeling worse than you. Give eye contact to all you speak to and make people feel human and not just like another stranger in your path.

Remember you are writing the story of your life each moment and with each triumph and tribulation comes a new chapter. There are no mistakes in life. There are none. There are tragedies and beautiful moments that make up life. There are no answers that will ever satisfy us on this earth because we are human and some events are beyond our understanding. We must accept life as it comes and deal with it accordingly.


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