Life is Simple. Stop Complicating it.

This is your life. This is not a test, and if it were you already have all the answers but just don’t know it yet. Life, you only get one, though it may have many chapters within it. Life is simple, though hard at times, it is simple. Do things that you love to do and you will be happy. If you don’t like what you are doing in your life, change it or change your attitude towards it. Seems easier said than done but try NOT being happy doing things you love to do. It is sometimes easier to be sad than to be happy because happiness takes guts of letting go of all the bulls**t in your life and really living it. That’s right, I said it, the bulls**t. Stop living your life for other people. Stop floating through life and not ever really experiencing it. Have you ever seen someone scarf down their meal and wonder if they are even really tasting their food? This is what I think about certain people and the way they are floating through their life, never stopping to smell the roses, never taking it all in. Never really being in love, but only loving with half their hearts. Never diving head into life, but merely getting their feet wet.

Life is simple. Love is complicated if it is not true love, which makes it complicated. Go with your gut instinct, if you second guess something then that’s your inner-self warning you that you may not be making the best decision in love. Make sense? It is not a thought process of “do I love this person?’, you either do or you don’t- that simple. If you are searching for the love of your life, stop; they will find you when you start doing things that you love and that make you happy.

Life is simple, that’s why it’s seems so complicated. Stop wondering what you are doing here and answer your own question. I am a firm believer in God, but it is not His responsibility to make us happy. He is not a wish grantor, wasn’t it enough He gave you life? Live a life with purpose, whatever that may be and you will have lives a fulfilled life.

I see so many people floating through life and then waking up one day asking, “What have I done with my life? Where did my 20’s, 30’s go? Why am I not happy?” Answer your question by not answering it. What I mean is get back to basics. Think back to your childhood and the simple things that brought you joy. Remember coloring? Jumping rope? Swinging on a swing? Life seemed so much simpler back when we were kids and had no problems, right? The truth is that life was simpler back when we didn’t know about all the things that were made to make us “happy”. Strip down all the crap from your life that is weighing you down and get real with yourself. What truly makes you smile and makes you happy?

Adults make life so complicated sometimes. I remember being a kid and being excited about the next day because I never knew what that day could bring me, even if it was a Tuesday. Life had a sense of excitement to it because things were not planned. A school day always meant that we might learn something new or that I might win my favorite schoolyard game- tether ball!

I am a planner at heart and as I have said in previous posts, I am not spontaneous. I like schedules but I also try not to take myself too seriously. I go with my feelings on big decisions and it has taken me this far in life and I have no regrets about any aspect of my life thus far and do not intend to have any in the future. If I find myself getting too serious I think about how simple life really is. We are the ones that complicate life by our actions and above all with our attitudes.

Life is simple. Stop complicating it.


One thought on “Life is Simple. Stop Complicating it.

  1. If only it was so simple to uncomplicate our lives. I have spent the last year going back to basics.

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