Luck? Fate? Or Seizing Opportunities?

I have said in previous posts not believing in luck because luck is what we make of life and the opportunities that are presented before us. Life is what we make of it, but then again, I am feeling like the universe has shifted recently and is sending me all types of great luck aka opportunities. One one hand, I would love to argue the theory of fate that one cannot help what is predetermined or destined for them in their lives, but I got to say that I feel a bit torn between these ideas.

One side of me, the oh so logical side, is against the idea of luck and believes that some things just happen that are good without any rhyme or reason to them. Like winning the lottery for example. Being at the right place at the right time. Which in turn brings me to thinking about fate.

My argument on fate would be that regardless of what you do, certain things will happen because they are meant to happen. Sometimes you will not know the reason for the events that have taken place at that given moment until later on in time, whether that be in a week, month, years later or in death. This makes me sometime feel helpless that if I try to prevent something from happening then it may happen anyways regardless of my efforts. This is an uncomfortable idea which leads me to think about seizing opportunities and placing yourself in the right place at the right time.

In seizing the moment of opportunity, one must put themselves out there into the world with open arms and open mind. We have to seek new avenues of opportunities and change our approach of doing things and in doing so, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and being ‘lucky”. Or at least having that amazing feeling that someone above is looking out for us. Perhaps all three go together. Having a bit of luck, or a lucky and winning attitude bring us to the point where fate can step in and create the future that we were meant to reach and in the end we seize the opportunity at hand and feel amazingly lucky!