The Terrible Two’s Diaries: I will not give in to a 2 year old

My son is 25 months old, he has been exactly 2 years old for one month. He threw his first mini-tantrum a week before his second birthday and it blindsided my husband and I that we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. The laughter came from the realization that our precious, little gentleman had just publicly screamed out and thrown himself on the floor making his body lifeless and almost impossible to carry out of the store. We laughed because the onlookers of other parents had mixed looks of understanding, pity and smugness. We laughed because we were once on the other side of this situation and we had felt pity for the parents involved.

My son’s mini-tantrums seem to come out of nowhere, and I refuse to give in to his requests. I am American, and Americans do not negotiate with terrorists, therefore I treat the tantrum (not my son) as the terrorist. I try to calmly reason with him and after one chance I put him in time-out. Time-out is an amazing tool. He has to sit against the wall in our hallway for two minutes alone and if he leaves the spot (which he hasn’t yet attempted to do) he is put back in the spot. In public, I refuse to be made a fool of, if he has a tantrum about anything I give him one chance and quickly find a tree, wall or bathroom stall to place him for two minutes until he has calmed down. It is not an easy task being a strong parent when you have a strong willed two-year old, but I refuse to be controlled by a toddler. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten by my fellow mothers for not giving in to his demands. I will have two children by the end of the year and am committed to having this “terrorist” tantrum under control by then.

I do not give up easily on people and it is hard to not get mad at my son, what helps is realizing it is the (terrorist) tantrum and not him that is causing all the hysteria. He continues to be a great helper, sleeper and playmate which makes me happy that the tantrum terrible-two toddler isn’t him 99% of the time.

The saga will continue as the months go on and I’m sure I will have some great stories to share in the coming months.


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