The Terrible Two’s Diaries: Taking away the “security blanket” and bottle in 1 week…

In the middle of an amazingly brave (and somewhat naive) parenting moment, I thought it was time to get my son off of his three bottles of milk a day fix and start giving him his milk in his sippy cup. My thinking, “this should work, right? I mean he already drinks water and juice out of his sippy-straw cups, why not milk also? I mean, it’s milk. He loves milk.” The first night without the bottle was a success and the next days nap went without a bottle as well, leaving me naively to believe that I could also rid him of his “security blanket” which is his chupon aka pacifier. In my defense, I didn’t even think that this was his security blanket, i thought it was a magical mute button sent from God to help quiet him when he whined and made bedtime a lot smoother. I thought it was equivalent to my love of chewing gum. I was very, very, wrong…

The first night without either the bottle of milk or the chupon (pacifier) went well. We had been out all day and he was exhausted by bedtime, falling asleep in my arms before I even placed him in his crib. I am a super mom! I said to myself, “I am amazing!” That was until the next day’s nap where he screamed bloody murder and I began to worry that the neighbors were going to come over and ask me what I was doing to my son.

I am an advocate of letting your child “cry it out” but my God, does this kid have lungs! He even has a new cry that I was unfamiliar with. I refused to let a 2-year-old dictate my life and I went back to my method of letting him cry for 10 minutes and then checking on him and then giving him another 20 minutes of crying and so on and so forth. After 1 hour of crying he finally fell asleep and his usually three-hour nap was only 40 minutes that day. The next day I dreaded the same scenario, so I read him two books before his nap, and sang an extra lullaby and the results were the same. The third day was a lot easier and he slept for 2-1/2 hours for his nap.

After going on this again and again in my head it finally hit me that the pacifier was his “security blanket” and that by not having it when he went to sleep or woke in the middle of night, he would search for it and not finding it would cry for his mommy. I am glad I went through with keeping it away from him, even after his murderous cries, better now than when the new bay arrives. Did I mention I work from home? Yeah, not much work gets done when you have a baby crying in the background disturbing your train of thought.

Any more stories or tips would be helpful since I am a rookie mom after all. =)


3 thoughts on “The Terrible Two’s Diaries: Taking away the “security blanket” and bottle in 1 week…

  1. Well it’s sounds like you got the bottle thing down but incase you have another that isn’t so easy 😉 if you give him half milk in the bottle and the other half in the sippy cup he’d be forced to drink the rest out of the cup when he’s done and every day you put a little more in the cup less in the bottle =] Only advice so far… My 3 year old was great but my 8mo old is gonna be really hard to break of her “plug” lol pacifier…

  2. That’s a great suggestion, I never thought of that. =)
    He now has a sore throat and is refusing to eat anything, going on day 2 1/2 now and won’t drink milk in a sippy cup. I will admit I broke and offered him some milk in his bottle, but guess what? He refused that too! I guess I trained him too well. As I was complaining about this to my mother about him being so stubborn my mother said that I too would refuse to eat if I wasn’t in the “mood” or the food wasn’t what I wanted. Awesome, I am not realizing I too am stubborn and that my son gets this characteristic from me. =/

  3. Hahaha juuuusst waaaait till the attitude kicks in! It should be a lot better since you have a boy but my 3yr old is on a suicide mission! Eyes rolling, door slamming, “Duuuuuh” mom’ing AND ONLY 3 YEARS OF AGE! Lord help her!

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