Pay it Forward

This concept has been around for quite some time, but every time someone does something nice for me, especially if they are a stranger, I am reminded that I should pay it forward.

Today I was at Costco, and had a heavily loaded cart with a large box containing 6 jugs of water, and also a large economy package of water bottles. I should also remind you that I am nearly 7 months pregnant, and was having a difficult time reaching my purchases without squeezing my swollen belly into the edges of the cart. I stood there for a second wondering to myself how I was going to get them out the best way without hurting my back.

Mid-thought, a women with two kids rushed to me and said, “Let me please help you with that.”

Her two little girls patiently waited as she lifted my boxes out of my cart and arranged them neatly into the trunk of my SUV. She smiled at me and told me to be careful. I told thanked her for looking out for me and as I pulled my SUV out of the parking spot, I turned to my left, waved at her and his family and the gave me generous smiles back.

My smile is still on my face at it’s nearly 11 hours later.

It is the simplest gestures that we do for one another that shows us all that we are not alone on this earth. I spent the entire time inside of Costco avoiding eye contact because I was in a rush and was in my gym clothes along with my baseball cap that was pulled down over my eyes to further avoid chit-chat from people on my quick trip into the store. Yet, this lady still put aside her busy errands she may have planned for the day, had her children wait and set her own shopping cart aside to help me out.

Thank you kind lady, for your small gesture, it has been noted in my mind and has reminded me that we are all connected. We are never alone. People do look out for one another. I will surely do something nice for a stranger as often as I can in hopes that they to pay it forward.

I urge everyone to do the same, even in the simplest of forms, because those are the ones that often have the largest impacts.


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