Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Life is a jigsaw puzzle. Why? Well think about it. We are either living a completed puzzle or we are searching for that missing piece. It is never and yet always complete. There are times in our lives that we are waiting on a different piece to the puzzle and are sometimes looking in the wrong places or perhaps it isn’t destined to be found at that time. Thus, it is a very hard aspect to grasp because we always seem to be searching for something in our lives. We see that once our puzzle is solved we can reflect back on the mixed up pieces and truly appreciate how each piece fit together to get us to where we are now in our lives. This puzzle, once completed, may lose a piece here and there along the road of our life but it will always find itself once again, and usually when we least expect it.

Life is a jigsaw puzzle because we are all connected. All of us touch someone’s life in a small or large scale everyday. We drive among people, breathe the same air, work beside people, wait in line behind each other at the grocery store, open doors for one another, we are not alone.

I personally like puzzles and perhaps that is why I went into the design field. In a given space, there are a series of puzzles that need to be placed correctly together to create the right harmony in the environment. Such is our lives. The hardest concept to grasp is that all the answers to life’s puzzles usually come once they have been solved. Annoying in its perfection, life is just that way and hence we must have faith and hope and know that in the end, with our completed puzzle, we will see how all the interlocking pieces fit together to create our current reality, good or bad.
We must realize that each and every one of us is connected in some way. Therefore in order for one of to have a completed puzzle another person’s puzzle must first be fixed or in some cases misplaced. God has a way of moving things around for us to get us to where we are supposed to be in our lives. But what is interesting to discover is that He is moving other people around too, to get us to our place in life.
For example, you get a new job after months and months of searching. You got that job because the previous person was fired, retire or quit. Or maybe a new position was created because there was more workload needed that one person couldn’t take on themselves, hence creating a position for you to eventually attain.

I think of where I am in my life, and who I am and all the people and places I have met and things I have learned thus far on my journey through my life and all the beautiful pieces that have created my puzzle. What tends to happen to me, is after a few months or years, with a nice completed puzzle (life), something shifts in the universe and I am thrown for a loop and once again in search of the harmony I once felt in my life. Such is life. Life doesn’t stop living for us, it goes on and on and we must keep on moving forward and not giving up. We are all connected. I would not be here had my mother and father not conceived me. I would not have found my husband had I not been with the wrong guy. My husband would not have found me had he not moved to California. We would not have fallen in love had we not had to say good bye to each other and face our true feelings. I would not have moved back to California from Georgia had my sister not gotten sick. Everything, good and horrible, have connected together to make me who I am today and have guided me to where I am today.

Remember that we are all connected like a giant jigsaw puzzle and we are not alone. So if you feel that your life is missing something, search if you must,  but remember that your are not alone in your feelings and that the pieces in your life will connect correctly in time and with faith. =)


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