Solve your problems by looking at them from the outside

Take a look into your life from an outsider’s perspective and things will become clearer. Sometimes we are too close to a problem to see the solution. Have you ever heard a friend’s problems and thought, “This is so simple to fix, why can’t they see that?” Most likely because they are too deep in the problem that they can’t see it for what is at the core of the problem.

I tend to over analyze things, and in doing so I still lose perspective on my life very now and then. If there is a problem I am facing, I immediately try to fix it and sometimes lose perspective as to what it is that is really going wrong. This is an easy thing for all of us to do because we are the ones living our lives and are not seeing it from the outside.

Imagine your life for a moment as a movie that you are watching. Play in your head the characters in this movie of your life, the hero, the villain ect and then start to summarize it as if you were telling the story to yourself. Look at the problem of the main character (being you) and what they are doing wrong. Have they truly “tried” everything, or are they only trying things that they have tried in the past? Are they being the best version of themselves?

I recently (and almost weekly) have to do this exercise when I need to put my life or aspects of my life into perspective. I thought about my problem as if I were giving advice to a friend and even thought about what that friend might say to back to me, both negative and positive responses. In the end, I feel I made the right decision because it wasn’t a hasty one.

This may seem like a pointless exercise, but it really does help, even if all it does it makes you realize that the star of the movie is going to start thinking more positively and stop being negative. It also will give you a clearer view into your life and the answers to your problems that you may already know the answers to. =0)


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