Delaying the “happy”

I have said it many times before, but happiness is something that can’t be found but is created within us. The biggest mistake I see people make is believing that a single “thing” will make their lives whole. Some people are putting their “happy” aside until they fulfill some requirement usually forced upon them by ideals and insecurities they’ve acquired throughout their lives. We say to ourselves, ” I will be happy once I am at my perfect weight, have that new job, husband, kids, career…” what about in the meantime?

Life is too short to delay being happy. It seems long when we are in the middle of a pregnancy (I am 33 weeks), a bad situation (divorce, unemployment etc.) and when we are waiting for “something” amazing to happen. I don’t expect to lead an exciting life Monday through Friday, but I do expect to do things that make myself happy on a daily basis, even something as simple as writing or listening to a favorite song and singing my heart out along with the artist.

Do not delay the happy. Do that one thing that you’ve been putting off now. Start planning that trip you’ve been talking about for years; whatever is on your happy list. Don’t put off being happy because life has a way of catching up with us and it goes fast.

Go look at your “happy list” and if you don’t have one, just make a conscious effort to do little things for yourself daily that make you happy. Do not delay it because it makes no sense to spend time being sad when there is an alternative.


Shed Your Old Skin and Embrace Change

I am, like so many others, a creature of habit. I like no love and live for a set routine in my everyday life. The ounce of spontaneity I do posses is something I rarely am comfortable in letting out. There are times, however, when I realize that holding onto tired routines and ideas are what are in fact weighing me down and keeping me from change.

I am 8 weeks or less away from having my second child and the single thought that keeps me up some nights is that my routine will inevitably change. It has to, yet my fear is how I will deal with that change not my 2- 1/2 year old son.

I have come to the conclusion that I must release myself from this old skin and fit into my new skin. To do so I have to discard my emotional clutter, old ideas, old routines and look to alterative routes that are still in line with my parenting theories. What helps me is looking at my soon-to-be new life in the eye’s of other new mothers with two children. I see that all seem to have a hard time at first but that half of these mothers make it work by establishing routines similar for both children and that the other half never seem to get any type of routine established. The mother’s that do make it work tell me it was hard at first but with determination (something I possess in all aspects of my life) a similar routine for both children is indeed feasible.

I do not have two children yet, I still have time to think and plan but just the thought that I can let go of my old routine to add in my new child’s needs make me feel like a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

PS. If I hear one more time a sarcastic “good luck with keeping your routine”, (smirk, smirk) I will scream. I am not naive to believe that nothing will change and that all will continue exactly as it was before because there will in fact be a change in the number of people I will be caring for. I do believe that I will be flexible but still hold my ground as to the type of change I am willing to allow.

Think of this in your own life, especially when stuck in a rut, that by shedding your old skin and allowing for new ideas and perspectives on doing things will help you change for the better. We cannot and should not change for other people, but if you feel the need to move forward in your life than release yourself from your old ways of thinking and seek new ideas. Remember, if there were only one right way of doing things than we would all be wrong!