Annoying Saying that are Very true…

Sayings and common advice are relevent because they’re sound advice on things that have happened to everyone in their lives and passing on these sayings is a way of reminding us that we are not alone in our problems, that we are not the only one experiencing these things. I can find them a bit annoying, but here are a few I was thinking about that have rung true in recent months:

1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

* People being told this are usually going through a rough patch and seldom want to hear the core advice in this saying. What I understand is that yes, everything happens for some reason, some good, some bad and some necessary, the real question is “why” they happen. Most often we don’t realize the “why’s” until long after these moments have passed us by, and some until we die and are enlightened.

2.  “Never loan money or sell anything to a family of friend. If you loan them money, consider it a gift. If you sell them something, prepare to hear all about it when something goes wrong with it.”

* No further explanation needed, it never turns out well. Ever.

3. “Don’t burn your bridges.”

* I have second handedly experienced this through my husband and all the employees that he has let go, or have moved on, most burning their bridges with him. The best way to leave a company, partnership, or any relationship is on good terms. No bad mouthing, keep things in order and top notch on your way out.

4. “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

*I allow myself to do this once in a while. While at the park last week, I didn’t want my son playing with sidewalk chalk because he was going to get filthy. The other moms allowed their kids and after a few attempts to distract my son from playing with the chalk, I let him get dirty.

5. “This too shall pass.”

* This one goes along with item #1. I have moments this year where things seemed to be going downhill all at once and from different angles and saying this to myself reminds me that there is always tomorrow and these difficult times will pass as they have in the past.

6. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

* This I have learned in recent time through my 2 year old son, a few friends and a restaurant that I was giving a second chance to, I should have known better. Well, at least I never allow myself to be fooled three times, because that would just be a damn shame.

There are more annoying sayings, these are just a few that have really rung true to my life in the past few months. Please add more if you have any good ones! =)


Some Unsolicited Advice: What NOT to say to a Pregnant Woman

1. WOW, you are so big!

2. Do you think you’ll ever get your shape back?

Me: yes, I’ve done it before.

Them: It’s going to be really hard with two kids. Good luck with that! (sarcastically)

3. Wow, your face is getting so round and puffy.

4. Are you sure you can fit into this booth?

5. You’re baby is going to be HUGE! Or maybe you’ve just gained a lot of weight.

6. You’re so much larger than my (insert person: friend, cousin, sister) who is the same amount of months as you!

7. Good luck getting sleep with two better take advantage now!

And some things we pregos always like to hear:

1. You’re glowing! (lie to me, I’m ok with it.)

2. You’re so tiny!

3. You’ll get your body back in no time!

4. I love your cute maternity clothes!

5. You’re all belly! (again, lie to me, I’m ok with it)