We Only Live Once, but Can Live Many Lives

There are no guarantees in life, and with that understanding I am realizing that regardless of the immense amount of thinking and planning I may put into something, everything may still not always¬†go according to plan. The key is to have several back up plans as well as an attitude of acceptance when things do not go as planned. Guess what? Sometimes dreams come true and sometimes they do not. When they do not, it is time to say good-bye to those dreams and start making new ones. Life is not over until it’s over. Don’t let life’s disappointments bring you down to the point of despair. Remember that just because today didn’t go as planned that there is always tomorrow. In fact, I think that’s why tomorrow exists, to make up for today’s short comings.

So, if you find yourself at that point in your life where you are having to start over; or you’re faced with the unfortunate realization that your dream will not come true; make a new dream and pursue it with all of your heart. We only live once, but can live many lives. We only live once, but we have many¬†chances to be happy.