My Life with 2 Kids: Month 5 :-P

Wow, it has been  months since I last posted! In my defense I had a baby at the end of October and have been extremely busy. I have so many ideas for posts that float through my  but rarely have time to post them.

What I’ve learned over the past 5 months of having two kids: not a damn thing! Just kidding.

List of things I’ve learned over the past 5 months with two kids. (My son is almost 3 and my daughter 5 months)

1. It is very much a juggling act to do even the smallest tasks sometimes.

Example: In the middle of nursing my daughter, my son screams that he has to pee-pee in the potty! He dashes off to the bathroom and is yelling for help to unbutton his pants and help him sit on the potty. (Correctly for a boy requires some finesse to not make a BIG mess-lol) I run to the bathroom with my daughter (sometimes still latched on to me) and help him pull down his pants and properly sit on the potty all with one hand. Then there is the washing of his hands and pulling his pants back on again. This entire process should take about 2 minutes, but I swear, sometimes it seems we are in there for closer to 10 only to return again because he hasn’t peed enough the past visit to the potty!

2. If one kid sleeps through the night, the other will surely have an issue sleeping that night.

3. Both kids will always get hungry at the same time and both will whine, whimper or cry until fed. I just have to decide which one I can stand to hear for 5 minutes while I feed the other one. lol

4. Getting out of the house is a 2 hour process usually followed by a return trip to the house to use the potty or grab one of the million items needed to carry, cover or soothe a newborn baby.

5. They grow so quickly but your body doesn’t “bounce back” nearly as quickly.

6. Just when you’re about to lose your cool, one of your little angels smiles at you with a big smile and melts your heart. This leads you to forget about how you’ve changed your shirt three times that day because of spit up, changed several poop diapers and been yelled at for food.

Ahhh the life of a mom!!


2 thoughts on “My Life with 2 Kids: Month 5 :-P

  1. Oh I have learned a few these here and there too, having 2 children now (7 yrs old & almost 5 months). They are as follows (I am already laughing to myself in my head)…
    1. Leaving for work with spit up on your shirt is completely acceptable as long as you spray it with perfume first.
    2. If one is hungry so is the other but their foods are completely different. Same with having break down when they are tired…
    3. Yes, Everything is done with one hand now but I still dont have the toned arms I once did.
    4. My back pain is unbearable after childbirth but coffee and a ton of ibuprofen makes the day doable. Ill take it.
    5. Getting my body “back” is a dream, I think its lost forever.
    6. Co-workers are actually very understanding when you forget simple things like their names. It might be from lack of sleep or that in my head I am constantly making shopping list and schedules for the next day.
    7. NEVER EVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY, whatever errand it is can WAIT
    8. 5 hours of sleep at night is normal. Now repeat.
    9. I buy everything in bulk. Everything. Stores are not my friend.
    10. New work clothes are essential. Squeezing a size 8 into a size 2 pants is not ok.
    11. Going off on the boutique clothing store worker when you have to return clothes you bought online because they look horrible on your new mommy body, is not the best use of your time. The witch did not have to say “you are retuning ALL of this”?…. witch
    12. 7 year olds dont always want to help be the little helper, and thats ok.
    13. Big sisters love their brothers and nurture them like they are their own. Nothing makes me more happy then to see them cuddle.
    14. 7 year olds, even when they beg to get brother our of the crib themselves, now matter HOW tired you are. Dont let them. Trust me I have come close…lol
    15. Doing laundry often is essential but folding is not. Wrinkle releaser is also bought in bulk.
    16. Totting the baby to sissy’s activities IS a work out, who needs the gym?
    17. If I need to feed the baby in public and I have him under a nursing cover, dont stare!!! Babies has to eat. Bite me, I am too busy and too tired to yell at you!
    18. A firm schedule is what I strive for but life happens. I need to let it. If they eat a bit too late or sleep in too late, the world does not end.
    18. Having 2 kids is twice the messes, twice the laundry, twice the juggle BUT its also is twice the blessings, twice the kisses and twice the love that comes right back. I would not change it for the WORLD!!

    • You could have written this post! I agree with your entire list! My son is almost 3 and some days I get so desperate for help I try to make it fun for him to bring me diapers, blanket or any other items I may need! Lol
      And since baby girl won’t eat out of a bottle, especially if it is from mommy, o have had to nurse in public (under a blanket) or in my car.
      I should also add to the list that my since my son is newly potty trained AND only tells me he has to go when he has been.holding it for an.hour, I’ve had to keep a portable potty in my fancy car. I never though we would be driving around with pee pee in my car or throwing it out in nearby bushes! Lol

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