Let’s Start Living

Let’s not wait until we are on our death beds to start living. Let’s be authentic to our true selves. Let’s stop living our lives for other people. Let’s all be happy. Let’s start living.

How may of us are willing to look our peers in the eyes and tell them that we have a different opinion than they do, even if that may mean being the outsider? How many of us are willing to look in the mirror at ourselves and honestly see what things we need to change to be happier, healthier people? How many of us will leave this earth feeling that they lived their best possible life?

I have someone close to me that is dying but living each moment. Taking it all in and getting the most out of this gift of life before it is gone. Laugher harder and longer than ever before. Holding hands tighter. Saying I love you and really meaning it. Living life.

I think of the many days, here and there, I have wasted being in a bad mood. Or the days I have not taken a moment to thank God for my life. Life is short. It goes by in the blink of an eye. It is when we are in the thick of things that it feels heavy and long, but really, it is so very short.

Starting now, (because tomorrow is never guaranteed to us),let’s all be happy. Let’s forget the bad stuff going on in our lives, even if just for a moment every day. Let’s find that happy place in our hearts and visit it each time we are getting down. Let us let go of any people who do not enhance our lives. Let’s forgive and move on.

Let’s all start, really start living.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Start Living

  1. I have learned that listening is the best result to living! I do not have enough experience to embrace all the knowledge this universe can offer, but what I do get is moments of seeing other through their thoughts; their opinions and I willing love those moments, even when I disagree because I know in the long run, it can not over power me unless I hold on to it! So I thank you for forgiving me and I forgive you as well, if it ever happens to us one day as friends! 🙂

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