Siblings: born friends

I am a middle child. I have played the role of mediator my entire life and continue to do so in my adulthood. It is a role that I play into easily. My name, coincidentally, means counselor (Monica) and I’m not so sure that that is a coincidence,(not that I believe in coincidence anyways). I have an older brother, that by just being a male AND the oldest was enough for me to always secretively believe that he was my parent’s favorite. ( He really is though). My mother remarried and had a daughter who is 9 years my junior and my father remarried and had two daughters; one 16 years younger than me and the other 14 years younger than me. Crazy sibling mix but it is never dull.

I had a boy 3 years ago and thought I would be done having children. Then one day I found him talking to a box and realized it was the to give him the ultimate gift- a sibling.

So here I am, rather here we are, a family of four and have created siblings. They get along so well despite the fact that they can’t verbally communicate. Seeing them interact got me thinking about my siblings and how I can sense how they are feeling just by being near them. Sometimes through the silence over the phone and sometimes in the absence of words.

Siblings are born friends, yet since we think we know each other so well rarely do we take the time to get to know one another deeper. I think I know my siblings pretty well, but the truth is I know their mannerisms and characters very well but I don’t know them on the same level as their friends do. I see other sides to them when they’re with their friends. Deep inside I know that act with me differently than they do with their friends and that also makes me feel special. We have an unbreakable bond that began at birth.

My hope is for my children to be friends. To protect each other above all else. To not let anyone talk poorly about the other and to fight for each other’s integrity. I pray that they not only love each other, but like each other. I hope my son protects my daughter and that my daughter in turn does the same. I hope they talk on the phone when they’re away at college and consult each other when making big decisions. I hope they trust one another. Trust is so important.

Thank you to my little sisters for being my little rocks and I hope I am their big rock. 🙂

Just blogging about siblings…


8 thoughts on “Siblings: born friends

  1. My baby and her brother are 21 years apart, I prayed continually and still do that they would be bonded despite the years and despite that they have different moms. All I can say is that God is good and faithful to hear and answer my prayers, he is at our house 5 days a week to love on his sister. I can’t think of anything sweeter for a parent than to see their children love one another. That must be why it’s God’s 2nd greatest commandment. 🙂

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