I don’t wanna…things that suck about being an adult ( humor)

Things that suck about being an adult and a parent

1. Laundry- it will never be done because clothing is used daily. I must accept that I will never be on top of it.
2. Paying bills
3.Paying bills on time ( learned this in my early 20’s)
4. Filling your car up with gas
5. Grocery shopping
6. Forgetting your shopping list and trying to remember it by walking down each aisle while feeling confident at the checkout line that you indeed got everything on your list, only to get home to realize you didn’t.
7. Shopping for household items. In other words, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, these things add up on the bill..
8. Going to the dentist
9. Making the dentist appointment. I miss the days when my mom made all of my appointments ( paid for them too) and all I had to do was show up.
10. Doing housework because now you realize that it is in fact actual work!
11. Having to wake up early when all you want to do is sleep!
12. Responsibilities.
13. Having to wake up at any given moment for your kids.
14. Having to be “on” all the time if you have kids.
15. Having to say “no” to your kids for their own good. Someday they’ll understand. :-/
16. Changing diapers
17. Crying, whining, tantrums ( I’m talking about kids but there are plenty of adults that do the same)

Feel free to add your vents here. 🙂


8 thoughts on “I don’t wanna…things that suck about being an adult ( humor)

  1. LOL! I at times thought these things were terrible too, but ever since I implemented to my husband that we need to review our weekly challenges in our household, we have had some great progress. I actually have a CEO position now! But I still do not get sick time, or mandatory breaks like real paying jobs. One day perhaps? 😉

  2. And when they’re teenagers, telling you they want to be driven somewhere and they expect you to do it at the drop of the hat because “I don’t ask for too much”! Haaahh!!

    • I guess that is just payback for us doing those things to our own parents. I never really thought about how much of the weekends I took up with soccer games and jobs all while my mom had to sit around and wait to drive me everywhere! Poor mom!

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