Shut Up Your Negative Thoughts!!

Remember that no matter how hard your day was there is always some thing to be thankful for, even it that is just being thankful that the day is over!
When we think too much about our problems we are not doing anything to solve them, we are merely making ourselves more miserable!
At night, before I go to bed, I sometimes find myself mentally beating myself up for all the things I didn’t accomplish that day. I unconsciously am putting myself down for not having filled my day properly. I end the day on a negative note because I can’t shut up my negative thoughts.
But when I quiet these negative thoughts and think only of the positive things that happened in my day then I can move forward and start over tomorrow. I think of the challenges I had throughout the day and try to come up with ways that I could have handled them differently. This makes me feel that I am learning and the next time I am faced with such a challenge I will at least have a new approach.
After a bad day, instead of dwelling on it, just remember that it is over. Maybe the actual problems of the day are still lingering, but nonetheless, the actual day is over and that in itself can be a blessing.
The hope of tomorrow is the hope of a better day. That is what tomorrow is made for, a fresh start.


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