The Beautiful Noises of My LIfe

Here I am, another night after a long day. I am sitting here thinking about the “noises” that make up my day; that make up my life. I am thinking about the good things that happened today. Like my little baby girl getting up from a sitting position to a standing position with grace and ease and walking over to me so proud before falling into my arms. She squeals with delight, clapping her hands amazed by her own newfound abilities. My toddler son saying to me that he loves me and giving me several wet kisses all over my face. He also told me : I am so proud of you mommy. I am not even sure what it was that I did, but it felt nice to hear; which in turn was like a nice pat on the back that I must be making him feel just as good by telling that to him daily. Noise from laughter, and squeals, fighting and tears when you have to tell your kids “no” and they get upset. I also am thinking of all of my own noise I bring. Yelling at my son to not go too far, too fast and to “just” listen to me before running off to play. I think of my soothing voice when I coax them to sleep, soothe their worries and heal their booboos. I think of how I sing to them softly to sleep at night. I am loud, I am soft, I am somewhere in between.

My husband’s car pulling up the drive-way, the sound of the garage door opening and the screaming of excitement from both kids as we greet him at the door.

But really, the main thing I am thinking of is how silent it is with the kids asleep. I bathe in the silence and immediately miss their laughter and screams. Life is funny like that. I want to be alone sometimes and when I am, I miss the noises of everyday life. The noises that make up my family. The few silent moments help me appreciate the constant beautiful noise that surrounds me throughout my days and vice versa.

So, take a moment and enjoy the silence, regardless of how short it may last. Appreciate the “noise” of the day which makes up your own life. =)


Life is not an emergency (so slow down)

“Life is not an emergency.” This simple phrase is what I have longed to hear over the years of my life and I came upon it randomly while cleaning out a drawer. I had written it down on a piece of paper who knows when but here it is making my life so clear.

As I have said in previous posts, I am a worrier and a planner. I like order, structure and routines. I try not to be, but I just am; it is my nature. This phrase makes so much sense to me in my current point in life. I have two small children and I run a tight ship. I schedule everything from nap time, to playtime, to eating, to my alone time that when things do not go according to plan it bothers me.

I went for a long 10 mile run today and when my feet first hit the pavement all I could think about was all the other things I had to do that didn’t involve my 10 mile run. I thought about how long it might take me. I thought about how tired I would be. I thought about how I hadn’t run 10 miles since my daughter had been born (11 months plus pregnancy). Then I thought to myself, ” life isn’t an emergency. There are no rules right now. There is no pressing engagement that I must attend to after my run. I have all the time in the world. I can run fast, or I can run slow. All that matters is this goal I set for myself and completing it.” I ran like the wind.

The moral of this story is that not all things in life have to be on schedule, even if you’re a planner like myself. The key is to realize what those appropriate times are of urgency and which times are not times of urgency. Saying this mantra may help you get through times when you are stressing out over things and will help you live in the moment.

Words- they can be interpreted a million different ways

A simple phrase can be interpreted a million different ways. Think about it. Words only mean something to the speaker from the speaker’s interpretation of their words and if the listener doesn’t fully understand where the speaker coming from, their words may get misconstrued. Simply stated: the speaker says what they feel, think and want and the listener can interpret what they want to hear out of those words based on their own biases.

We’ve all had this happens to us, some more than others. I think with the increase of texting and Facebook use that this happens quite often. It is when we speak directly at a person when we can gauge the other person’s reactions to what we are saying and hence realize if we have been misunderstood. When we read something that someone is “saying” we can often misinterpret the meaning behind their words.

Take for example, if you do not like a person or think that a person does not like you, then everything that person says or writes to you will have a different interpretation or tone. If a good friend says, ” wow, you’ve lost a lot a weight and look great!” I will take that a compliment. However, if someone I do not like says the exact same phrase to me I will think they are merely pointing out that I was once heavier or that they are being sarcastic or making fun.

The best way to deal with the new social media is to think of the tone of someone’s writing in the best possible light first before jumping to conclusions. If you are still offended then why not ask (gasp) the person what they meant by writing that they did. Most times people are not out to be cruel ( I tend to think the best of people) and WE are the ones that read into phrase more than are meant to be read into.

Lastly, give people the benefit of the doubt. If you think someone doesn’t like you, call them out on it. If you think someone is being rude to you, ask them why. If you are getting your feelings hurt do not suffer in silence but bring it up to the person because words and phrases can be interpreted a million different ways and it is the listener’s responsibility to raise questions if they are offended or confused by the speaker’s words.