Life is not an emergency (so slow down)

“Life is not an emergency.” This simple phrase is what I have longed to hear over the years of my life and I came upon it randomly while cleaning out a drawer. I had written it down on a piece of paper who knows when but here it is making my life so clear.

As I have said in previous posts, I am a worrier and a planner. I like order, structure and routines. I try not to be, but I just am; it is my nature. This phrase makes so much sense to me in my current point in life. I have two small children and I run a tight ship. I schedule everything from nap time, to playtime, to eating, to my alone time that when things do not go according to plan it bothers me.

I went for a long 10 mile run today and when my feet first hit the pavement all I could think about was all the other things I had to do that didn’t involve my 10 mile run. I thought about how long it might take me. I thought about how tired I would be. I thought about how I hadn’t run 10 miles since my daughter had been born (11 months plus pregnancy). Then I thought to myself, ” life isn’t an emergency. There are no rules right now. There is no pressing engagement that I must attend to after my run. I have all the time in the world. I can run fast, or I can run slow. All that matters is this goal I set for myself and completing it.” I ran like the wind.

The moral of this story is that not all things in life have to be on schedule, even if you’re a planner like myself. The key is to realize what those appropriate times are of urgency and which times are not times of urgency. Saying this mantra may help you get through times when you are stressing out over things and will help you live in the moment.


4 thoughts on “Life is not an emergency (so slow down)

  1. It’s true, in Europe everything is based on shopping for food items daily, and walking and climbing stairway to enter your home. Foods are higher in fat and people are thinner, all because the time of doing things is more thought out to living a simple unplanned way. I am so glad you see the happiness to your journey. Keep running without limits and just be with the process! 🙂

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