The Beautiful Noises of My LIfe

Here I am, another night after a long day. I am sitting here thinking about the “noises” that make up my day; that make up my life. I am thinking about the good things that happened today. Like my little baby girl getting up from a sitting position to a standing position with grace and ease and walking over to me so proud before falling into my arms. She squeals with delight, clapping her hands amazed by her own newfound abilities. My toddler son saying to me that he loves me and giving me several wet kisses all over my face. He also told me : I am so proud of you mommy. I am not even sure what it was that I did, but it felt nice to hear; which in turn was like a nice pat on the back that I must be making him feel just as good by telling that to him daily. Noise from laughter, and squeals, fighting and tears when you have to tell your kids “no” and they get upset. I also am thinking of all of my own noise I bring. Yelling at my son to not go too far, too fast and to “just” listen to me before running off to play. I think of my soothing voice when I coax them to sleep, soothe their worries and heal their booboos. I think of how I sing to them softly to sleep at night. I am loud, I am soft, I am somewhere in between.

My husband’s car pulling up the drive-way, the sound of the garage door opening and the screaming of excitement from both kids as we greet him at the door.

But really, the main thing I am thinking of is how silent it is with the kids asleep. I bathe in the silence and immediately miss their laughter and screams. Life is funny like that. I want to be alone sometimes and when I am, I miss the noises of everyday life. The noises that make up my family. The few silent moments help me appreciate the constant beautiful noise that surrounds me throughout my days and vice versa.

So, take a moment and enjoy the silence, regardless of how short it may last. Appreciate the “noise” of the day which makes up your own life. =)


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