Let’s Make “Random” Acts of Kindness not so Random…

2013. I think it is about time we all take the “random” out of our acts of kindness. Let’s all vow to stop and think of mankind as a whole and realize that we are not an island, that we are part of something greater; we are a part of mankind and of the world we live in. The world, good or bad, is still our world and it is made up of different people, from all different walks of life.

Let’s stop only seeing the bad in people and know deep down that there are great people in this world and it starts with us; it starts with me and it starts with YOU.
Let’s just be kind to one another.
Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt and stop jumping to conclusions.
Let’s remember that the world is not out to get us!
When you’re in line at the grocery store and the person behind you has less items than you, let them cut in front of you.
When you have a free hand, lend it to someone. Open the door for them, grab an item that is too high for them to grab on a shelf.
Acts of kindness do not have to be monetary. A smile is free and also contagious, so spread it around a little and notice the reactions you will get!

There are so many cynics walking the earth right now, and they have the right to feel the way that they do with the state of things and some of the horrible events that have occured, but a smile and kindness reminds us of our humanity and that we all have that in common.

When people say they want to change the world they look at the world and get overwhelmed. I look at me. By changing myself for the better in my thoughts, actions towards other people and the environment I am part of the world and I therefore am making a change.
They say it starts with just one person and I agree. One person can influence a million by a single act of kindness.

So, in 2013, let’s take a moment a day to perform one single act, (if not more),of kindness, whether it be big or small. Let’s smile a little more at people. Give eye-contact. Say hello to strangers. Let’s make this year kinder than 2012.


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