2 choices in life

We all have two choices in life: accept things for how they are or accept the responsibility to change those things. This is a daily choice that we all have. A choice to feel how we want to feel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, how you think is how you’ll feel. I do not just preach things that I, myself have never experienced. This is not something I have not conquered 100% because I am a human being. For the most part, I am a positive person and feel generally good about myself. I find myself in a funk every now and then and when I have a moment of clarity I come up with the same answer: it is my own fault for feeling the way that I do because I am the only one in this world that is in my own head. I am the only one in this world that can control my feelings.

No one has the power to make you feel bad about yourself because you have a choice to believe their words.
You have power over your thoughts once you control your thoughts. It may sound silly, but give yourself a compliment every now and again. Stop focusing on the negative and realize that you are human and to error is human.
Accepting the way things are does not mean accepting defeat, it sometimes means that you are smart enough to know when to give up on an unhealthy situation. Sometimes this means accepting people and situations for what they really are and the acceptance takes a great weight off of your shoulders.
A life change is not done overnight, it is a gradual process and it takes time. It take 3-4 years to get a degree because it is a series of steps and lessons that have to learned along the way in order to earn that degree. This is the same with life, knowledge and wisdom sometimes come at a cost of a few errors, but as long as you grow from the experience then what harm was really done?

I think now, being the beginning of a new year, is the perfect time to take control of whatever is in your life that you feel like you need to change. Take responsibility to change it or accept it for how it is and stop complaining.


2 thoughts on “2 choices in life

  1. I am changing my bad habit of always trying to give to everyone. I think it is a great quality but I sometimes lose myself when I over extend this trait. So I am going to give more with allowing God to his work when I can’t. Great article Rookie Mom!

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