Don’t Forget to Breathe

In this life, we are going to have many times where we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it seems as though our dark times will be never ending. Do not lose faith. The light at the end of the tunnel may just be around the next bend in the road; the bend in the road that you can’t quite see yet.
Stressing constantly will do nothing but lead to more stress. Here is a little exercise to get you through rough days:
Close your eyes and do your best not to think about the possible negative outcomes of your problem(s) and only think of the possible positive outcomes.
If you can’t get your mind to think about any positive outcomes then just try not to think for a moment.
Do not allow your mind to wander, just focus on your breathing, focus on this
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You have a purpose. Yes you. You have a purpose. Do you really think that we are just dropped here accidentally and meant for nothing? It may seem that way at times when we are not sure which direction we are meant to be heading. Know that any right or wrong doings are all part of the process of life. Your life is a work in progress. We are not all knowing and do not always know where a particular road or choice will lead us but that shouldn’t stop us from living. So few of us actually live our lives, most of us just exist. We are all here for a purpose. Our purpose on this earth may seem small compared to other people but we are all a part of the world and each and every one of us can make an impact. We don’t all get around to understanding what our purpose is on this earth. In some small or large way, we are all conencted to one another and to this planet. We all share a common bond of humanity and that in itself makes us brothers and sisters.
Here’s a thought: if you do not know what your purpose is, then why not live out one of your passions? Why not look around your environment and see how you can impact the people around you positively? It may only be your roommate, your spouse, your child but starting at this point you can start to see how you can positively (and negatively) affect those around you. Once you realize this fact, you can move on to the outside world. Once you realize your strengths and gifts, which we ALL possess, you can use those to find your purpose in this world.

Just repeat after me: I have a purpose. I have a purpose.