Never Too Late to Restart Your Day (repost-got deleted)

Lesson learned (again) : It is never too late to restart your day. Never too late.

Today was one of those days for me. I don’t know if it was me or my children, but nothing was going on our normally scheduled routine. My 16 month old daughter refused her morning nap. The morning nap is when I get a chance to not only put myself together, but also the time I get to spent one-on-one time with my son who is almost 4. An hour into trying to put her down for her nap, and after losing my composure in the process, I decided to give up and bring her downstairs with us.

The late morning was equally as challenging. On my way driving to take my son to preschool, I thought about how rough my day had been and what a foul mood I was in. I thought how much better it would feel to just be in a good mood and to be happy. I decided right there and then to change my attitude. I turned the music up and encouraged my children to sing along to the pop song on the radio. Got my son pumped up and excited for his day at preschool and noticed they had a change in them too. They were happy.

The rest of the day was monumentally better. My daughter took a longer than usual afternoon nap and I was able to smile the rest of the day. Overall it was a good day. However, if you had seen and heard me at about 11 am my outlook would have been completely different.

It got me thinking about what I have been preaching for years and years. Change your attitude and change your life. It is never too late to change your attitude. It is never too late to restart your day.

If you read this and only take one thing with you, take this:

What you think is how you will feel
How you feel is how you will act
How you act is how you will be perceived by others
How you are perceived by others is how you will be remembered

So if you’re having a bad day, simply hit the “restart” button and change your attitude and make it a great day!


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