The Time Machine (hopefully this link works)

All is clear in 20/20 hindsight, right? Well what if I told you that you could hop into a time machine and change some mistakes you made in your past? What if I told you there was a machine with the ability to change your wrongdoings and to help you see clearly which direction in life to head? Few would pass up this opportunity. Unfortunately, we do not live in a magical world filled with time machines where we can go back in time and fix our problems. What we do have are our minds, which can think up numerous possibilities. What would you tell your former self as a teenager? What would you tell your former self that was so anxious about a situation that never ended up being so bad in the end? Think of a time in your past where you were anxious, unsure or perhaps, unmotivated. What advice would you give yourself?

For example, I hear all the time from people that want to get an education and don’t do it because it will take too long. They tell me that they don’t have four years to devote to school. Some of these people have been telling me these same excuses since we were in our late teens. We are now 30 + and they have reasonable excuses; work, kids, spouses, not enough time. They also have regrets. Every single one of them says to me that they wish they would have realized how short four years of their lives really were and that by now they would have accomplished their goals that they didn’t have time for so long ago. Know what I tell them? I tell them, “Now is the time”.

Let’s get into a time machine, (going to need some imagination here people), think of yourself a year ago from today. Was there a goal or issue you were dealing with? Now imagine going back in time and giving your old self some advice. What would you tell yourself? What would you do differently? Now hop back into that time machine and go back to the future. Now that we are in present time think of what you have learned over the past year. Did you resolve your issues or at least make peace with them? Let’s hop back into that time machine and go ahead one year. How are you doing? Did you lose that weight? Did you start school? Did you land that job? Or are you still waiting for life to happen without jump starting it yourself?

I sometimes do this exercise when I wonder why I am at a standstill in my life or if I feel unsatisfied with myself. I also do this when I need to gain perspective on my future. You have to start somewhere. Somewhere can be right now by planning and setting a future goal. Don’t blame others when really you are the only one that holds the key to your life.


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