A Letter to My Future Self

Random, interesting exercise: I wrote this letter to my future self about a 2 years ago and forgot to respond to it until I came across it tonight. You should try this exercise when you are worried/curious/anxious about your future. Write yourself a letter (for your future self) and ask about those things you are worried/stressed/curious about. You will be so delighted and surprised by you answers. At least I was!
Example: Basically, write the letter on your laptop, phone or tablet and save it. Set an alarm for whenever you would like to have a response and when the timer goes off, write you responses.

A Letter to My Future Self:

Hi you, I mean me,

How’s it going? Two kids now, wow. Hope you have your old body back like you said you would. How are the kids? Your son must be about 3 years old now and the new baby about 9 months, how are you handling the transititon into a mother of one to a mother of two? Have you kept your old job working from home? Does your son attend a local preschool now? How is your daughter’s personality? Is she sweet and gentle like your son was?

How are things with your amazing husband?

Hope all is well.
Your old self

My future self, present time (7/20/13)

Hey you, I mean, me,

I am doing well. My two kids are growing like weeds. I am sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier. My son is now 4 and my daughter is 20 months. I got my body back with hard work and dedication to eating clean and working out. In fact, I stopped going to the gym and got a double jogging stroller and do almost all of my running outside. I still work from home on various projects and it is a pretty relaxed environment with work, still just extra money to play with. My son just finished summer school preschool and he loves it! My daughter is the cutest! She is sweet and gentle and gets into everything. She gets anyone she comes across to smile, even the grumpiest people.

MY husband is still amazing as ever.

Hope you are doing well.
sincerely LOVE,


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