Personal Challenge #1: Why this exercise was important

The challenge was to not criticize yourself for an entire day. How did it go?
I found myself, at least a half dozen times, being hard on myself for simple things. Since I was doing this experiment I decided to give myself a break from all the negative talk and instead focus on making things better. I got through the day happier and more positive than I had started out my day. The most important thing I found was most of us tend to be harder on ourselves than in those we love the most.
Shouldn’t we love ourselves the most? Being a mother I see how important my example is in every aspect of my life and most importantly the way I treat myself. I give non verbal cues to my children on how they should feel and treat themselves. Some days it a constant daily struggle to be good to myself and to move forward.
I hope this short experiment taught you that the majority of things you were most critical in yourself were most likely those things that at the end of the day, didn’t have the biggest affects on your day and world.
Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Keep learning more about yourself.  Keep reminding yourself that you deserve a break from negative thinking. 


Personal Challenge #1

Do not criticize yourself today. If a negative thought creeps into your head, instead of giving into it, reassure yourself as you would a loved one.
If you’re late, you’re late. Deal with the consequnces and keep moving. Staying stagnant and being hard on yourself doesn’t solve the problem. Fix it, if possible, then move forward with your day. Take 24 full hours to move past any difficulties that your own mind are leading you towards today.
It’s not about making excuses for yourself, it’s about not putting yourself down. Move forward today. Do not say any negative things to yourself. Give it a go!

Make today a day you are proactive instead of reactive.

Ready, set, go!!! (I will get back what my point was tomorrow).

Spiders: An Unexpected Lesson for my Daughter

To quote myself, I always say, “Problems are like spiders: at first they scare the crap out of me and I scream like a scared little girl, sometimes even running away for a bit to catch my breath. Then I come back and kill it!”

I was cooking and a spider jumped from the top of the stove’s fan and I screamed loudly in shock and in disgust. My almost 2 year old daughter had watched this entire scene from behind me and started to scream too while yelling, “oh no spider mommy, spider! Daddy help!” I felt like this a good learning opportunity that mommy kills most of the spiders in this house (and problems too), so I got down to her level and said, ” it’s ok baby, it’s only a spider it just startled me. Let’s go find that spider and squash it!” She clapped her hands with glee and watch me as I killed the spider, threw it away in the garbage and continued cooking.
She told her brother and daddy how mommy “squish the spider. Spider all gone. No more”. It could just have been my imagination, but I am pretty sure she was proud of me.

PS: I was DYING to say, “see, we don’t need a man to kill our spiders. But figured she is only about to be 2 years old and I could teach her that lesson through my actions rather than through my words. haha.

To Quote Myself…

(File this is the nonsense pile of my Words/Wisdom and Nonsense. LOL)

When asked if I was a leader or a follower I quickly replied, without hesitation or thinking,
” It may seem like I am more of a “follower” than leader, but the truth is, I allow people to play in the roles that make them more comfortable for their own egos. My ego? Well, as for my ego, I enjoy knowing I could take over and lead at any given moment.”