Spiders: An Unexpected Lesson for my Daughter

To quote myself, I always say, “Problems are like spiders: at first they scare the crap out of me and I scream like a scared little girl, sometimes even running away for a bit to catch my breath. Then I come back and kill it!”

I was cooking and a spider jumped from the top of the stove’s fan and I screamed loudly in shock and in disgust. My almost 2 year old daughter had watched this entire scene from behind me and started to scream too while yelling, “oh no spider mommy, spider! Daddy help!” I felt like this a good learning opportunity that mommy kills most of the spiders in this house (and problems too), so I got down to her level and said, ” it’s ok baby, it’s only a spider it just startled me. Let’s go find that spider and squash it!” She clapped her hands with glee and watch me as I killed the spider, threw it away in the garbage and continued cooking.
She told her brother and daddy how mommy “squish the spider. Spider all gone. No more”. It could just have been my imagination, but I am pretty sure she was proud of me.

PS: I was DYING to say, “see, we don’t need a man to kill our spiders. But figured she is only about to be 2 years old and I could teach her that lesson through my actions rather than through my words. haha.


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