Personal Challenge #2

Personal Challenge #2:

Today, do not criticize your loved ones. Whether it is your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, roommate or children; do not criticize them today. We all do it to the ones we love the most because we expect more out of them. Bite your tongue today. Walk away before an argument starts. Do not engage.

Why this is an important challenge:

We tend to be the hardest on those we are around the most and often those that we expect the most from. Often times we fall into routines of saying the same things in response to someone’s behavior and actions instead of considering why they may be acting the way that they are acting. The purpose of today is to let them “win” and to reflect on those things you really, really wanted to say and correct but that you instead kept inside. It is interesting how much your attitude towards the person may change (even if only slightly and momentarily) and how you can begin to understand where the other person is coming from.

Sometimes, it is in our silence that our loved ones words truly have meaning. We tend to disregard our loved one’s constant complaints and actions because we are in a routine of doing and saying without thinking. We are unconsciously programmed to repeat the dame critical actions and words every time not because we do not love them, but because we are accustomed to doing those reactions to their actions.

Personal Challenge #2: Biting your tongue.

Let me know how it went in the comment section below. I am interesting in everyone’s findings.