Lesson #1 of 2014

It is better to tell the truth than lie because then you will not have to remember any false stories. But sometimes it is better to not say anything at all, then you can avoid having people manipulate your truths and turn them into their stories.” Monica Haur (me)

Lesson #1 of 2014:

Be careful with whom you speak your stories and thoughts to because they may not know how to correctly represent your truths when retelling your stories and may add their on spices to the original recipe. Remember, that the person retelling the story, will always add in their own interpretations of the original story and may not always speak your truths correctly. This does not make them a bad person, just someone who is misrepresenting you and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you should stop confiding in them.

The trouble I have found, is realizing too late that I have trusted a story-teller with a simple anecdote and they have turned it into a novella.

My advice, always tell the truth, but remember that staying quiet sometimes also will help you stay out of trouble if someone retells your truths using their own version of your story.


2 thoughts on “Lesson #1 of 2014

  1. I was in the break room (at work) eating lunch and in comes Mr. Diarrhea Mouth Sabotage Backstabber (OK…tell us what you really think). He goes on a rant about one of the guys we work with and I haven’t said a word….trying to get through lunch. A couple more coworkers come in and Mr. Blabbermouth tells them “Yeah me and Bob were just talking about how worthless Chris is…”. I was just eating lunch and now I’m a party to a litany of accusations. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ll never forget it.
    I knew the guy was trouble but it was a relatively small work environment and even smaller break room with only one way in/out. I play my cards very close….always have. I respect your Lesson #1 but sometimes flying under the radar puts you on the map.
    By the way, I was recently disposed of by a friend for no obvious reason. I Googled “disposable friendship” and found this website. I have never utilized the internet much at all. I’m too old to care about it. I want to look someone in the eyes and talk. I write letters and put them in the mail….lick it and stamp it, but I found your site insightful. Even at my age we still have a lot to learn. Everything I have garnered through the years will die with me, as with everyone else. You, on the otherhand are willing to share your thoughts, some being very different than mine. Keep on cooking loving and living. Bob

    • Hey Bob! Thank you for your insight! I am sorry about being dropped by a friend. I am now in my thirties (having written this post in my late twenties) and have been dropped by numerous people, but luckily, I am in a place now where those around me are here with my best interest at heart and I of theirs. The fact you replied to this post means that you have “left your permanent mark” on this world through your thoughts and wisdom. =)

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