Happiness is a decision

Happiness is a decision. Happiness should not be placed upon a single act or a possession. There is so much to be happy about in this life that it can be overwhelming to me when I sit and think about all the beauty in the world.

I am not rich. I do not live a life of leisure. I have children and chores and dinner to cook and bills to pay, yet I remind myself constantly to take in the beautiful chaos that surrounds me and soak it in and to remember to be happy.

I used to get caught up in the idea ( and still do every now and then), that I will be happier tomorrow; that I will be happy if only I had what I desired in life all the time. This is a common reason for people to be unhappy, yet we forget that the sweet without the sour would never taste so sweet. It is how we deal with the sometimes negative aspects and circumstances of our lives that proves our strength to ourselves.

I have two little people watching me; they are little sponges taking in everything I do, every reaction I have about day-to-day occurrences and they are learning from my example. I want to be their role model. I want them to remember their mommy smiling and being positive and happy on those days that they want to give up. I want them to absorb the happiness surrounding them.

I couldn’t care less about having more money, if it meant less time with my family. I do not want delayed and planned happiness on the weekends only, or on family vacations. I want happiness now. I want daddy to be home and have the kids run to greet him and have him soak in their hugs and kisses because regardless of what the world has been like to him today, he has come home to a loving family. I am happy now. I look around at the chaos of toys and crayons and books and clothes that accumulate every few hours and I smile because this is life happening before my eyes. These are my kids being kids. They will help to clean up their messes but in the meantime, they are fully enjoying being kids. This is my happy.
There is happiness and beauty on a rainy day and a sunny day. The rain will surely bring on a rainbow and the sun will help to dry the rain and grow the green grass and flowers. We need both and there is happiness to be found in both.

I look around and think about all the possessions I think I own. How can I own anything in this world that money can buy when it can be broken, burned down or worn out? I can really like something, but love, not love. These things sometimes give me temporary happiness but they are not what I think of when I need to smile when all I want to do is cry.

We can so easily be caught up in the idea that more we have, the happier we will be in life. We go out and buy big houses with rooms we never go in, and buy cool and hot air to make it the perfect comfortable temperature. We decorate to look at pretty things we can never touch. We buy cars we cannot afford to impress people we do not know and we work extra hours at work to make sure we have enough money to buy more stuff. Stuff. Things. These are not happiness makers. These are temporary bandages on real issues if we do not face our problems. If we do not nurture our families and friends. We have to start putting more value on people and less on things because when we die, people will mourn us, not all of the things we bought.

I like nice things too, don’t get me wrong and they make me feel happy when I buy them and when I look at them and use them, but I make sure I know that I lived without them before I bought them and should be prepared to if they should ever be gone. I make sure to not place all of my happiness on these things and make sure I know that the temporary high I get from buying something on sale that I really wanted is in no way equal to the permanent high I feel from love and laughter of my family and friends.

To have the best of everything is this life isn’t about possessions but it is about nurturing ourselves, our loved ones and really getting to the depths of people we meet and people we care about. That is where happiness in found. In ourselves, in others, in our surroundings. If all you see is the ugly in people and in the world, then maybe you need to look within yourself and change your perspective.


My Children


Sometimes I find myself just staring at my children in amazement. I see their perfect little imperfections. I see their love for one another and for me and my husband. I see how they look at their surroundings and really take in every new experience. They are rarely bored because they have each other to entertain them, play with them and even just annoy them.
I find myself pausing and just absorbing the image of my children in this world and I smile.