Forgiveness Takes Time

Forgiveness takes time. Sometimes it is a daily struggle and a conscious effort to do both. The mind doesn’t always work the way we want it to; especially when it comes to forgetting what someone has done to wrong us.

When we make the decision to forgive someone, we sometimes forget that our hearts and minds will always remember pain, regardless if we are still upset about it or not. Have you ever forgiven someone, and then time goes by and something reminds you of what they did to you in past? Do those hurt feelings fill your heart again? It is totally normal and natural if this ever happens to you because pain is imprinted on our hearts and souls forever. Like a tattoo that has been removed, there will always be a scar left in its place. This doesn’t mean that you should be angry all over again, it simply means you must remind yourself that you have forgiven, why you have forgiven and stop thinking about the past.

Forgiveness of ourselves and also of other people can sometimes be a daily struggle. “It is a gift to yourself to forgive”- I was once told. It never made sense to me until I was older and realized that the only person I was hurting by holding a grudge and replaying the same sad story in my head over and over again, was myself. I will not give anyone the power to repeatedly make me feel bad, so I forgive. I hold in my anger and hurt a lot because I am human and forget these simple words told to me as a little girl. When rationalization comes back to me, I release the hold the person’s pain has caused me and forgive. They may not even know that they have been forgiven, but I say it, feel and think it to make it stick. Sometimes daily…