About me and my site

I am a mom of two, one is 3 years old and the other 8 months old.

Why I called this site “Words, Wisdom and Nonsense”:

Words: I find it interesting that the way a word is projected to another person or even a person’s choice of words has unmeasurable effects on its audience. Some people misuse words and some overuse certain words. I am not a teacher of grammar nor did I major in English in college, but I am fascinated by language. I think language is so profound in everything we do that we sometimes forget this and over-exaggerate our feelings with big words for impact or we don’t use an expressive enough word to describe something wonderful. In these days of texting and communicating through words that are read and not heard, most of what we write is left out there for the person receiving the information to decipher what it is we really meant to say and what our “tone” was when writing.

I also believe that there is nothing sadder in this world than words left unsaid. I always say what is on my mind. Almost always, that is because I am also a really nice person and don’t want to hurt feelings. I eventually get my feelings across to those that are close enough to me that they will forgive me if I do end up offending them. It is a blessing and a curse because people always know what I think about them. I do however, find myself explaining what I meant by a text and sometimes “lol” just doesn’t cut it. I prefer texting with most people over talking on the phone more so because of lack of attention I can readily gie while simultaneously looking after my toddler.

Wisdom: There are no mistakes in this life. There are no coincidences. There is no luck. I sound like a cynic, but I am quite the opposite. I believe that if we took the time to reflect more on our lives and specific occurrences that we can see how we got to that point in the first place. Some things we will never know the answers to but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep looking for the answer. I am chaotic in a sea of calm and calm in a sea of chaos. I see life and occurrences in people’s lives like a simplistic jigsaw puzzle that I can put together easily while most look at the same problem as a massive puzzle with missing pieces and edges that don’t quite fit together. Everything in life is a lesson. A mistake is a lesson in disguise and will continually repeat itself until the lesson is learned. Part of being wise is not just about knowledge attained unknowingly it is more about being observant of your surroundings, how people act and see the world and looking at life in its most simplistic nature. Take away all that is complicated to see the true meaning of your feelings, your life and your reason for being here on this earth. Most are too fearful to take a long look in the mirror. I mean that literally. Look in the mirror, love yourself. Just breathe. God is not out to get you. He has bigger issues than whether or not you get every little thing you want this week. Stop blaming God. Take ownership over your own life. Remember, without the “want” you would never feel that glorious feeling of satisfaction only felt when getting what it is you were “wanting” so hard for.

How you think is how you will in turn feel. How you feel is how you will in turn act. How you act is how you will be perceived by other people. And when you are gone, those who remember you will remember how you were. Think about your footprint on this earth. Think about it…

Nonsense: Things that annoy me would be in this category. Pet peeves. Things people say that amuse me, not just because they are humorous, but sometimes because they are naive or clueless. Fads. Trends. Followers. Arguments. Angry. Denial. Divorce. Custody agreements. All silly nonsense that we all do every now and then. Trying to impress people intentionally. Jealousy. Not following your heart. Not listening to your intuition. Horoscopes because I only love them when they are positive. 🙂 Emotions. Things kids say and do. My list could and will go on and on and on and it will…


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